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Pure (Lily series) 24"x24", Oil/Acr on canvas


FOI: Focus On The Important!
Paint your 
❤️ happy...

That is the heart of your home. According to many traditions and philosophies the heart of your home is very important and some of them state it's in your kitchen, some - in the physical center of your home; whichever you choose as your guidance, what you place there can influence your mood, atmosphere, you name it...
My solution: choose your favorite flower + color, it will set the tone the moment you see it, and since it is the heart of your home you will see it and it will make you smile many times every day.

For your personal needs you can choose any of the paintings on this site as a a style guide and I can create a very similar one in a different size/colors that can fit perfectly. For sizes and prices, check the Contact tab.
Then contact me, the painting (or flower) + color - it is that simple!

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