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g News:

- Starting Monday 4/2  my paintings are featured for both April and May at the Kurth Cottage gallery of Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ. Stop by if you are in the area! There is an article about my paintings (the entire front page) in the Ridgewood News.
-My Siblings (Orchid series) are part of the Painting Affiliates show at Englewood Library for the month of May.
- Another award at the Diversity show at the Art Center of Northern NJ for my Dance on Fire series. They are both placed at the 'altar' of the gallery, front and center on the flyer.

- Another award for my Three Trees! My Three Of Peonies and Three Trees are in the Focus show at the Art Center of Northern NJ. 
- Six paintings in the Art Healing Show at Englewood Hospital - my third show there! Photo below courtesy of Edward Caraballo - the artists and organization team:

- My painting Iris is in Morris Museum at the Inner Canvas show.
- My Pink Siblings painting is in the 5th Annual Juried Show in the Dean Mansion in my home town Park Ridge, NJ.
Recent shows:
- Three paintings from the Dahlia series are in the Art show for the reopening of the Dean Mansion in Park Ridge, NJ.
- Completed commission for Deja Vu Bar and Restaurant in Garfield NJ. Picture of the installation with custom new frame on the right;  commission for the Ladies Night Out in Park Ridge.
- Smoldering White and Smoldering Blue part of a juried show at the Belskie Museum.
- Yellow Heat (Hosta series) part of the opening Show at the Garner Arts Center.
- Iris and Hollyhock part of the Diversity show
at the Art Center of NNJ in New Milford NJ.
- Just An Orchid part of the Focus show at the Art Center of NNJ in New Milford NJ.

- Smoldering White and Smoldering Blue part of the annual juried show at Ridgewood Art Institute in September-October
- One of four artists at the Chilton building of Morristown Medical Center, my paintings were featured on the poster, Pure and Pink(ness)
- My Three Trees at the Small Oil Works Show at the Zakin Gallery.
- Artist of the Month for the Healing Arts at Atlantic Health System April/May).
- Pink Geranium, Small Red Geranium and Small Sunflowers are part of the Flowers show at the Westside Presbyterian Church at Ridgewood NJ.
 - Three Trees is part of the 153rd Small Oil show at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, the oldest American fine artists' club.
- Smoldering Blue received an award at the Focus show at the Art Center of NNJ and Glowing In The Sun was part of the show.
- Reds at the State Of The Art show organized by Montclair Studio.

Previous Exhibits:
-(Small) Pink Geranium and Pumpkins On Blue at the Art Center of NNJ for their annual Small Works show
- Perfect Couple and 50 Shades of Red at the Focus Show at the Art Center of NNJ.
- next on the radar the Healing Show at the Morristown Hospital
- TASOC on youtube.com about the Healing Art show at Englewood Hospital: 
Wow, what a promo! Great video coverage of the Art of Healing collaboration between the Art School and Englewood Hospital. Congratulations to all the exhibiting artists! Dorian Monsalve - Surreal ScratchArtMark Oberndorf Fine ArtSnejanaArt (Snejana Videlova)
pictures courtesy of Bergen.com (First picture: we are at the opening reception with my son Christo; the second artist from the left on the second picture.)

- Pure and Vertigo were on display at the Englewood Hospital (Englewood, NJ) from June till November, 2014, part of the Healing Exhibition. Due to a lot of interest this show will be extended for 2015 and I have 8 works in it (check the first tab in Gallery for the active show paintings).
Red Beauty and Red Couple at the Ridgewood Art Institute.
  • October, the Van Saun Park art show. 
  • Pure at Phoenix Gallery, part of the Salute In The City show
  • three paintings in the Hawthorne's NJ Media Center show: Orchids II, Good Morning and Indian Lily in Pink Vase
  • Pink VII and Sun In The Pine II at the Diversity Show at the Art Center of NNJ.
  • Two works (Callas in pastel oil) in the Art Center in NNJ for their ANNUAL SMALL WORKS SHOW & SALE; Two works at SMI’s Academy Square Galleries, Montclair, NJ; My Indian Lily was at the Wyckoff YMCA, and Up at the Ridgewood Art Institute.
  • Award for Dance II in the Diversity show at the Art Center of NNJ.
  • In November I had a show in the Valley Hospital Auxiliary gallery space (right next to Kurth Cafe) in Ridgewood, NJ.
  • First place for Approaching Yellow (p. Large in Gallery) at the Focus show at the Art Center of NNJ.
  • First place for Up (p. Large in Gallery) at the Diversity show at the Art Center of NNJ.
  • Solo exhibit 'Inspirations' at the Bulgarian Consulate in NYC (121 East 62nd Street New York, NY 10065 ).
  • Small painting BFFs was part of EB PTO's art auction in April.
  • Some of my paintings at the Salute to Women in the Arts (Up and BlueVII).
  • Two paintings at the gallery in NJPAC in Englewood: Chaos and Blue Shadow. 
  • Three paintings at the Riverside Gallery (Riverside Square Mall, Hackensack NJ): Three Trees, Approaching Yellow (both center highlight of the show), Twins. 
  • Dance II received an award in the Diversity show at the Art Center of NNJ in New Milford NJ.
  • First Award for "Approaching Yellow" in the Focus show at the Art Center of NNJ
  • First place for Up at the Diversity show! Up and Twins - two paintings in the Diversity show at the Art Center of NNJ.
  • HM award for Blue Again! at the annual PAA show in Hawthorne, NJ: Favorites 2, triptych Flowers, Blue Again. 


- Meaning of Dahlias   Recently I was updating my inventory and counted the flowers in my paintings, and was not surprised to find out that I have painted dahlias over and over in tens of works. Though it is not surprising at all when you know that two of the meanings are creativity and believing in your inner values. Isn't this the perfect message to install in the center of your home – at your entrance area or in the room you use most often. More...

- Why Red Means Energy   It is an old example of color use – how the fast food chains want you to get your food fast, eat it fast and leave fast and not to linger around. More...

“I love the yellows and blues in Vincent van Gogh's paintings, maybe that's why you will see a lot of yellow and blue in mine. All of his works are loaded with so much passion and emotions, there is no way anyone looking can miss them. Another favorite of mine is Vladimir Dimitrov-Majstora - in Bulgarian the last one means The Master that was his nickname and he deserved it. I love the colors and nature in his paintings that make you feel like you are bathing in sunshine surrounded by beauty.
And the last pick of my 'best three favorites' is Cezanne – the unexpected angles and deep blues and greens, the air charged with light and energy.
If you expect dark and moody paintings you will not find them here. ”
This was exerpt from Snejana Videlova's essay written a while ago – back in her school years. It still should not have a word changed, it still rings true.
Born in Bulgaria, currently creating in USA. Meanwhile loved to visit and paint in many other places in between.

Growing up in Bulgaria (short FYI: one of the oldest established countries in Europe - earlier than the 6th century, one of the first to embrace state-wide own alphabet, culture and religion across the entire state) meant being able to see and touch a lot of ancient history, culture and art. Visiting many relatives in Greece, attending German boarding school, lead to finding friends in many other countries and cultivating appreciation of everything rare and diversified. Later as a university student added to the mix backpacking through Europe just for the sheer exhilaration of visiting many museums and other places housing art and history. Didn't matter that meant staying in cheap student hostels and the rest.

As early as in elementary school received awards, publications and recognition in international exhibits and assemblies for children and young adults in fine art (painting) and poetry in Bulgaria and Russia.
Later attended advanced art classes in the Arts Academy of Sofia in European art history. Focused on unique Eastern European art techniques and history.

As first job served as an expert in curating art and crafts collections for a developing business in Germany where primary interest was modern art from Eastern Europe during a period of time when it was finally possible to make Western and Eastern Europe meet.

After moving to US became involved in many art associations in the tri-state East-coast area. Member of Pascack Art Association, American Artists Professional League, Salute to Women in the Arts and Studio Montclair, Inc.
Some of most recent awards are first places and HM awards at Bergen County Diversity Show at Art Center of Northern New Jersey (2010, 2011, 2013, 2014), HM at PAA annual shows at Hackensack and Hawthorne, NJ (2011, 2012). Keeping in touch with roots - had a recent show at the Bulgarian Consulate in NYC.
MS degree in Information Technology attributes in developing many diverse digital art forms. Still the paintbrush trumps the machine.
* * *
"Bold colors and bright landscapes will brighten the dreary January days ..."

"Her work uses bold colors, classical composition and clean lines, with occasional cubist or abstract elements. "
by Stephanie Schwartz of COMMUNITY LIFE
In all rights called 'Inspirations' this show truly elevates the month of the most important and appreciated day in Bulgarian history at the Consulate in Manhattan, NY.
By M. Tomova of newspaper Maritza (translated from Bulgarian)

Paintings part of solo and group exhibits at the following venues:

- the Bulgarian Consulate in Manhattan, NYC

- the Belskie Museum, NJ

- the Morris Museum, NJ

- the Phoenix Gallery, NYC

- the Philadelphia Sketch Club, Philadelphia PA

- Westwood Gallery in Westwood, NJ

- Zakin Gallery at TASOC, Demarest NJ

- Riverside Gallery at Hackensack, NJ

- Ridgewood Art Institute in Ridgewood NJ

- Bergen NJPAC in Englewood NJ

- the Art Center of Northern NJ in New Milford

- the Auxiliary Gallery at the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ 

- SMI’s Academy Square Galleries, Montclair, NJ

- the Healing Arts Exhibitions at the Englewood Hospital in Englewood, NJ; Valley Hospital Ridgewood, NJ and the Atlantic Health System

- the Crooked Halo gallery in Park Ridge NJ

- the Westside Presbyterian Church in Ridgewood NJ

- many online galleries and blogs.

For awards and details, please check the exhibits section on the left.
The artist lives with her family in New Jersey, still being torn between visiting and painting many new and old places. Avid reader and not so much avid gardener (more of a garden 'appreciate-or'). Loves photography especially when visiting places and collecting references for future work and memories. Interested in feng shui and many other philosophies in finding best ways in appreciating everyday blessings and incorporating them in empowering our everyday surroundings to inspire and energize.
The artist believes this is one of the reason her paintings have been so popular at events and shows that have the healing or optimistic outlook, i.e. the Healing Art shows.

Links to press:

Me (second from left) with the other artists presenting at The Art Of Healing reception last year http://www.bergen.com/arts-and-music/englewood-hospital-and-medical-center-hosts-2015-art-of-healing-exhibition-1.1197035?photo=28&c=y
TASOC on youtube.com about the show: 

Bulgarian Artist Schowcases Florals At Exhibit In Hillsdale: http://www.northjersey.com/community/112646474_Bulgarian_artist_showcases_florals_at_exhibit.html

Bulgarian newspaper Maritza about my latest solo show in NYC: http://www.marica.bg/show.php?id=91501

North Jersey: Art exhibit at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood features flowers

Newsletter from Atlantic Health System where I am Artist of the month: click here.

Remodeling and Home Design

Below are examples of my art purchased and installed at customers' homes. If you are interested in similar, please go to contact and check the custom art info.

Three paintings from the Ranunculus series in a row

Three paintings from the Lily series in a row
Row of my Chairs series at the entrance hallway

Toys mini paintings in three rows
Shells painting in nautical themed room
Smoldering White and Smoldering Blue at the Belskie Museum